Broadway Performer Christian Dante White will delve deep into character development.  Exploring and refining your repertoire; enhancing your skills and confidence to nail your next audition and/or performances.


 The class will also identify habits and mindsets that are hindering you from achieving your desired success, and exploring career opportunities and possibilities tailored to you. 

My Fair Lady  Christian Dante White & Laura Benanti 

*Actors should prepare sides (2 to 4 pages) or a one-minute monologue.  Please be completely off-book and material memorized.

*Musical theatre performers should prepare a

16 and/or 32-bar cut of their choice.  Please have song memorized and sheet music in binders with cut clearly marked.

*If you have questions on preparing your music please come early and Christian will make sure you are prepped and ready


*Bring hard copies of your headshot and resume (optional).

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