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A Virtual Space For College Students And Working Performers to Get In The Work 

Guiding Them and Answering All of Their Questions So They Are Ready

New York, NY (MARCH 26, 2020) --- On Wednesday, April 1st, 5:00pm to 7:00pm, Kimbrough and Company, an entertainment and production company that supports artists in developing and executing their visions continues “The Master Class Series."  Kimbrough and Company team up with Broadway Performer Christian Dante White to provide a virtual space for college students and performers to work with Broadway and TV/Film professionals in perfecting and honing their craft during this time. 


Kimbrough and Company and White have just wrapped up the first session of the Master Class Series: Acting and Musical Theatre, which they are continuing virtually, beginning April 9th, 6pm to 9pm via Zoom.  Kimbrough and Company and White have also added The Master Class Series: College Edition.  "We put together The Master Class Series: College Edition with our college seniors in mind," says Kimbrough, Broadway performer/entrepreneur and CEO/founder of Kimbrough and Company.  "We want to give so much love to the graduating seniors and all college students by providing them a virtual space to take this time to 'get the work in.'  While Broadway is on pause, it's a great time to work virtually with Broadway professionals.  It's a great time to support the students in packaging themselves, guiding them and answering all of their questions so they are ready."  This session is also open to committed high-school seniors. 


Fresh off his stint as Freddy Enysford- Hill in the Broadway musical My Fair Lady at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre, Christian Dante White will be leading the acting/musical theatre audition prep and career development sessions. He is ecstatic to work with fresh upcoming talent.  “I’m beyond excited to share a space with and learn from every one of you. There are many elements to the world of acting and I can’t wait to share things I’ve learned so far as a working actor, while creating a safe space for us all to learn, grow, and support our art. I want to go beyond surface information and discover the heart of your individuality and bring forth your best,” says White. 


In addition to the sessions, the participants will have the opportunity to record and present a self tape of their work to a New York City casting and talent agent/manager.  “We at Kimbrough and Company are so thrilled to be able to offer all participants the opportunity to sharpen their gifts under the guidance of some of the top industry professionals and receive feedback in the moment that will assist in taking their career to the next level,”  shares Kimbrough.  “The performers will receive first-hand information on what shows they will be good for and what it really takes to do eight shows a week and so much more!  As a collaborator and student of White's, he guides and teaches you how to use a combination of dynamics, your personal experiences and journey to tell the story, perfect your craft and set you up powerfully to present to Broadway and Television/Film casting directors and creative teams; and to reach your goals. 

Come celebrate your strengths and acquire the tools to take your craft to the next level. White will lead The Master Class Series: College Audition beginning Wednesday, April 1st, 5pm to 8pm; for four weeks. And The Master Class Series: Acting and Musical Theatre beginning, Thursday, April 9th, 6pm to 9pm; for four weeks. All classes are virtual via Zoom.  Individual sessions are also available via Zoom through scheduled appointments. The performers will also have the opportunity to present their work to a New York City casting and talent agent/manager.  To purchase and more information please visit


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