First, to the graduating seniors, we are sending you so much love right NOW!!

We created this Master Class with you in mind

Let's take advantage of this time do the WORK

While Broadway is on pause, it's a great time to get the work in with Broadway Professionals

A great time to REPACKAGE yourself


Are you an artist or performer about to graduate and wondering what's next?


Are you wondering what's it really like to pursue a career on Broadway and/or Television and film?


Are you asking yourself what does it entail, what should I expect and am I ready?


Are you looking to refine your craft and find out what casting agents are looking for and what shows you may be great for?



Are you ready to get the tools, and feedback you need to book your first professional job after college?


Are you a singer/actor who moves well, and looking for more confidence when asked to do so in the audition room?

Need help choosing a monologue and/or nailing your sides?


Want to make your 16/32-bar cut stand out?


Looking to say "See Mom and Dad, I did it!" Or most importantly say to yourself "I did it!"

No need to look any further!

Get Ready to do the work, gather the tools to take your career to the next level and "BE READY!"

Acting & Musical Theatre Audition Prep

with Christian Dante White

Broadway Performer Christian Dante White will delve deep into character development.  Exploring and refining your repertoire; enhancing your skills and confidence to nail your next audition and/or performances.


 The class provides a space for you to identify habits and mindsets that are hindering you from achieving your desired success, and exploring career opportunities and possibilities tailored to you. Christian will also answer all of your questions that pertain to "what's next" and "what to expect in the business" post graduation. 

*Actors should prepare sides (2 to 4 pages) or a one-minute monologue.  Please be completely off-book and material memorized.

*Musical theatre performers should prepare a

16 and/or 32-bar cut of their choice.  Please have song memorized and sheet music in binders with cut clearly marked.

*If you have questions on preparing your music please come early and Christian will make sure you are prepped and ready


*Bring hard copies of your headshot and resume (optional).

My Fair Lady  Christian Dante White & Laura Benanti 

Musical Theatre Dance

with Brittney Griffin

Let's Dance!

Associate Choreographer and Director Brittney Griffin loves working with all dance levels, preparing you for auditions, performing and beyond.

Musical Theatre Dance will help you to build your understanding of jazz dance technique and vocabulary through jazz dance fundamentals, warm-up, progressions and choreography.  


With an emphasis in musical theatre dance, you will learn to refine your performance skills, movement/audience connection and ability to tell the story.  This class is great for dancers, singers and actors of all levels. This is also a great class for those who consider themselves "singers who move."

Musical Theatre Audition Prep


Christian Dante White

6:30pm - 8:00pm



Musical Theatre Dance


Brittney Griffin

4:00pm - 5:30pm


Heading 1

Present your work to a NYC agent/manger

8:30pm - 9:45pm


At the end of the night, you will have the opportunity to present the dance/movement you learned with Brittney & your song and/or monologue or sides you worked on with Christian to a NYC agent/manager.

They will give you amazing feedback and also provide you with information on the type of shows and parts you should look into.

*1-hour dinner break*