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LET'S Get The Work In


Are you an artist or performer looking to refine your craft?

Are you a performer who gets the callback, and is ready to book the job?

Need help choosing a monologue and/or nailing your sides?

Want to make your 16/32-bar cut stand out?


Looking to give your career a boost but unsure of where to start?

No need to look any further!

Acting & Musical Theatre Performance & Audition Prep

with Christian Dante White

 The class provides a space for you to identify habits and mindsets that are hindering you from achieving your desired success, and exploring career opportunities and possibilities tailored to you.


Broadway Performer Christian Dante White will delve deep into character development.  Exploring and refining your repertoire; enhancing your skills and confidence to nail your next audition and/or performances.

Christian also teaches and guides you on the best way to do a self-tape of your work for Broadway and Television/Film.

My Fair Lady  Christian Dante White & Laura Benanti 

What to Prepare For First Class

*Actors should prepare sides (2 to 4 pages) or a one-minute monologue.  Please be completely off-book and material memorized.

*Musical theatre performers should prepare a

16 and/or 32-bar cut of their choice.  Please have song memorized and download a track of your song and/or you can sing acapella. 

Acting & Musical Theatre

Audition Prep

Individual Sessions


Christian Dante White

1-hour session


The Bundle

4 weeks/4 sessions




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Acting & Musical Theatre Audition Prep

Group Sessions


Christian Dante White


6:00pm to 10:00pm

via ZOOM

4 weeks/4 sessions



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Putting in the Work

Christian coaching

singer/actor Phil Akogu

Singer/actor Phil Akogu

applying the coaching

Christian coaching

actor Veronica Murphy


"I'm going to push you because you're that good"

---Christian Dante White--- 

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